Relax and Feed

What are the things feeding you? Is it primarily the negative news in the media or is it a daily positive regimen? There is so much negativity in the world especially the disasters and social problems that dominate media. But there is a lot of good in the world as well.

And if you focus on the positive stuff how do you turn it into a daily regimen? Thats been a question of mine for awhile and I admit I have trouble sticking to a positivity regimen. But for the last few months I’ve learned meditation and healthier eating habits. Please realize that learning to relax and stay positive is a long-term learning process.

But to live is to always experience some stress. How do you relax and feed the mind for better mood and stability?

-Learn to meditate. Currently, I’ve downloaded the Calm app and it makes meditation straightforward.

-Eat a mostly wholefood diet.

-Learn to work with the chakra system so you can experience better focus.

-Take up a creative outlet such as painting (you probably already knew).

-Spend time relaxing with a pet (Amar is my cat and love…).

-Take up journaling. If you write out your thoughts it can allow better focus.

-Make plans for future businesses or projects. Having goals is always important.

-Read a book in the evening instead of playing on phone (still implementing…).

-Listen to relaxing instrumental music each day.

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