First September Roundup – Looking Back

Getting Ready To Show Portfolio My portfolio will be digitally and physically perfected and completed by September 28th. I’m to add foundation work, Art & Tech stuff, and more recent drawings and paintings all leading through my progress.

Patterns and Inner Worlds Patterns early on inspired my own creativity and are expressed through drawings and mixed media paintings.

The Open Gate Culture or nature? In culture we’re taught a dead world, but in nature we have multiple ways of sensing world.

In September, most of my newest artwork will be school related, but never fear I have lots of sketchbook stuff to post. I’m loving collage right now and cutting out drawn paper and recreating the whole canvas. Theres also the use of pastels in my larger drawings that allows new styles.

Art to See: On Colossal, I found amazing miniature bird art by the Indian cut paper artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama. They recreate super tiny birds out of paper and the birds are of the most beautiful colors. It inspires my upcoming miniature drawing project where the goal is to draw a monumental subject in super small size and I’m experimenting with the best way to go about it. The artists Instagram is full of well-crafted cut paper birds displaying the most amazing attention to detail along with colors. Perhaps for my new project I can cut out smaller drawings and recreate them into another collage drawing for a series of minis. Theres an idea…

Quote: “A picture is a poem without words.” -Horace

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