Presentation of Kelli’s Art

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Formal aspect- I work with patterns, plant illustrations (live and from photo and memory), intuitive use of color, and collages. I try to make my work leap somehow out of the confines of realism and mere lines but still I keep the original “essence” of what I’m drawing/painting. By essence, I mean the form and gesture of the original plant, animal, or pattern yet I transform it somehow. I enjoy seeing the aesthetics of found objects, paint, and textures come together.

Conceptual aspect- In concept, once again I work with the original but transform it into something more “imaginary” or new. How do lines from a flower look when there enlarged and drawn across several mediums (canvas, paper, leaves, wrappers, fabric)? Its always a good question. What does a pattern do in oil or clay? How does the clay hold up on canvas or fabric?

What drives my work? I go through phases of masterpieces and experimentation. One month I’ll work with clay on canvas and the next month I might be found doing an oil painting of a lake scene. To me art is about always changing and yet keeping a certain “essence” to the work.

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