Kelli Cantrell works in painting and collage. Her work builds upon inspiration from geometric patterns found in nature and abstract art that is the resulting process of creating new forms of her earlier artworks. Painting is used to create the inspired natural patterns in her work while collage is often used to make the pattern leap into a new form.

The natural world provides inspiration in many forms such as natural geometric patterns, the particular shape of a flower or leaf, and the way wood is decomposing. And this inspiration is turned into new forms through collage on canvas, plain fabric, or clay that aim to become multiple iterations with each more abstract than the original piece.

The mediums used are usually oil and acrylic paint. While collage is typically made of different materials such as natural objects like shells, wood, and clay. The form of a flower can originally come from a photograph or a stylized painting and then be made into a far more abstract piece with the interlacing use of paint and shells on canvas or fabric. The shells and other objects follow the direction of a leaping flower petal newly made into abstract form.

Each time a new piece is made it aims to “respond” to the earlier work in a more abstract way. How much can a plant or pattern form both differentiate and respond to each other? Kelli’s work aims to explore how the process of new forms create each other across mediums.

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“Pollution” by Kelli Cantrell, “Filter Bubble” Art & Technology Student Exhibition, Ohio State University, Hopkins Hall, December 2016

“Coneflower” by Kelli Cantrell, Inniswood 2014. Mcconnells Arts Center Online Gallery. May 2018.

“Lotus” by Kelli Cantrell. Barnett Center, Ohio State University 2019. November 2019.